Saturday, July 1, 2017

Chord Letto - Insensitive (Ost. Coklat Stroberi)


Chord Letto - Insensitive (Ost. Coklat Stroberi)
Chord Letto - Insensitive (Ost. Coklat Stroberi)

  1. Judul : Insensitive (Ost. Coklat Stroberi)
  2. Penyanyi : Letto (Biografi Letto)
  3. Album : Truth, Cry, and Lie
  4. Label : Musica Studios
  5. Tahun : 2005
  6. Sebelumnya : Chord Letto - Tak Bisa Biasa

[intro] Am G Dm 4x
Am          G            
a silent wish that we make 
 when we awake oh no… 
Am           G 
my conscience 
come and going come and go 
Am            Dm                   
a troubled mind and twisted hand 
Am-Bm-G     Em             G 
we use everytime this everytime

all the sentimental feeling 
     D                         Bm 
that sometimes makes our heart burning 
we surrender to a strong desire 
                    D         Bm 
ignorant to the needs of other 
need a little whisper of little voices 
     D                            Bm 
that calls when we make desperate choices 
are we that oblivious 
          D   Bm D 
so insensitive

Am                    Dm 
so many choices to be made 
so little time to decide 
so little guilt on our side

[interlude] Am G Dm 4x