Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Chord Nidji - Breakthrough


Chord Nidji - Breakthrough
Chord Nidji - Breakthrough

  1. Judul : Breakthrough
  2. Penyanyi : Nidji (Biografi Nidji)
  3. Album : Breakthru'
  4. Label : Musica Studios
  5. Tahun : 2006
  6. Sebelumnya : Chord Nidji - Engkau

We used to think when we are younger
LIving the lies behind the wall
Then she ask me what I'm thinking
And I said oh nothing at all

Intro : A E/G# F#m E

We are not vintage generation
It's time to leave and break the wall
Then she ask me what I'm doing
So I said now it's time for fevolution

No no no
You don't know me any more
Low low low
You're gonna low your self and take us higher

A                  E/G#
Here we are try to reach the stars
       F#m                   E
We are getting higher on and go go go
       A                   E/G#
Like a hyperdrive we came along this far
We are getting bigger on and on
      E           A
We're untouchables

Back to (*), (**), Bridge, ChorusIntro : A E/G# F#m E A

It's time to li
ve and break the wall
Now it's time for revolution
It's time to live and break it all
It's revolution

Bakc to Chorus

Coda : A E/G# F#m E